Those projects represent some of the most challenging, interesting, and self rewarding projects that I’ve had the pleasure to work on. You can click on the images/links below to learn more about them.

3D & Motion Graphic

As a designer, it’s very important to create original assets. Customized original assets reduce copyright cost and often best suited to represent a specific idea. So I explored the free 3D software Blender to learn the different steps in modeling, lighting, texture, mockup, camera setup and rendering. I also learned Adobe After Effect to make motion graphics. Since I spent my first two years in college studying animation, I have a solid foundation for modeling and motion graphic. I also applied my idea into 3D printing to create a unique hallow dice with a red bean inside (accessory represents love in Chinese culture) for my fiancé as a gift.



"Ophelia has lifted far above her pay grade for her entire time at Advoqt. She has performed every design task imaginable and also more than a few development tasks, leveraging growing skills in HTML and CSS. She worked quickly, efficiently, for multiple teams and projects, and always delivered quality. She helped drive multiple client projects to completion and was a key player in the complete rebrand of Advoqt and the design and development of a new website and new marketing collateral.

She has an excellent aesthetic eye and great flexibility in getting tasks done. She created gorgeous brochures one day, created an inventive and attractive set of custom icons the next, then designed complete UX specs for a custom application. Every day of work, she has impressed." Aaron Martin-Colby

Senior Software Engineer and UX Designer, GE Digital

"I’ve worked closely with Ophelia on a daily basis over the past year at Advoqt, and have found her to be a strong team player who is approachable, responsible and extremely conscious of meeting every deadline. Her attitude is a blessing to work with and is sometimes almost too humble about her skills. She brought an inspiring, entrepreneurial attitude to the various roles that we asked her to fill. With little guidance, she was able to complete her tasks at a high level which was a direct reflection of her intelligence and relentless work ethic. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a competent, hard working, and loyal employee.

She is also a quick learner who can take your print or digital project from start to finish, handling the entire creative process with accuracy and efficiency. Give her the opportunity and she will dazzle you with her unique personality, her true passion for design and her ability to conceive and execute top-notch sketches, drawings and full-on illustrations with amazing talent and impressive speed."

Dmitri Artamonov

Contributing CTO on Artificial Intelligence, Forbes Technology Council


I'm currently looking for a full-time position.  While had a wonderful time together, my last company,  Advoqt Tech, decided to relocate to Latin American at the end of 2018.  


I'm a U.S. Citizen.

Employment Type

I prefer permanent job position but also open to contract position.


I have a car and could work on site around Boston or could work from home for any company. I'm open to travel but not relocation.


I am looking for an annual salary in the range of $75,000-$85,000+. My salary requirement is negotiable based upon the job responsibilities and total compensation package.






15 + 15 =


I’m seeking for positions in UI/UX Design, Web Design & Development and Graphic Design, where I can continuously apply and develop my art and computer skills for the mutual success of the company and me.

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