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I’m seeking for positions in UI/UX Design, Web Design & Development and Graphic Design, where I can continuously apply and develop my art and computer skills for the mutual success of the company and me.

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I have a strong passion to make art with pigments & pixels, and solid experience as freelance and full time employees at web design and IT companies. Please feel free to check out my portfolio.


Hi there! My name is Ophelia, a Boston based UI/UX designer, web developer and graphic designer. I was born in Guangzhou China, came to Boston when I was 13 years old and became an US citizen.  

For past 4 years, I have created company branding, marketing materials, apps and websites that led to long term improvement over leads and sales. This was achieved by placing customers at the center of the digital experience, which could build trust and change customer’s perception of the product and brand.

Design is my passion. I love devoting my abilities to improve company products and together I believe we can change the modern tech heavy world into a more user-friendly space. In my life, design is not limited to work. I like to learn new design software, draw in watercolor, and create handcrafts as hobbies. I believe design is beyond making things look prettier; it is a way of thinking and living that could lead to a better future.


The New England Institute of Art . Graphic Designer
Web Design Boston Agency . Web Designer
Advoqt Tech Company . UI/UX Designer & Web Developer

The New England Institute of Art .


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. From college, I learned visual art forms and their cultural connections, demonstrated proficiency in illustration and technical skills (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Muse, etc.), understood and practiced basic principles in the process of creating, analyzing, and evaluating graphic design solutions in relation to specific end uses and consumer needs. During school years, I took several freelance projects to practice the concepts and skills in human environment. I was hired by companies like Colette Phillips Communications and designed promotional events for Wheelock College, Whittier Health Center and MA State House.

Web Design Boston.

Web Designer

After graduation, I was hired by Web Design Boston as full time employee where I was in charge of designing nine Boston local companies besides traditional graphic design tasks.  During this period, I also learned how to build and maintain good communication and relationships with clients. For web design, first step was to build information structure. To do so, I used XMind to create sitemap and used Axure and Marvel to build wireframe. I designed the websites using Photoshop and Illustrator and later maintained them by Drupal System. To design logos, brochures and other collaterals, I mastered Adobe Design Tools.

Advoqt Tech Company.

UI/UX Designer

My last job was at Advoqt Tech Company. During this period, I designed eight websites and two apps and was in charge of the total rebranding of Advoqt. Beside web design, I was also tasked with web development and grew to become a proficient front end web developer. For web design part, I constructed wireframes and screen mockups using Adobe XD and designed website using Photoshop and Illustrator. For web development, I used WordPress and Divi.  For Advoqt rebranding, I created brand guidelines and used software like Adobe After Effect to design logos, icons and motion graphics. To create marketing item, presentations and interactive event materials, Microsoft Office and MailChimp were used. I was able to multitask and meet timelines and expectations efficiently while established a great relationship with the company and its clients.



"Ophelia has lifted far above her pay grade for her entire time at Advoqt. She has performed every design task imaginable and also more than a few development tasks, leveraging growing skills in HTML and CSS. She worked quickly, efficiently, for multiple teams and projects, and always delivered quality. She helped drive multiple client projects to completion and was a key player in the complete rebrand of Advoqt and the design and development of a new website and new marketing collateral.

She has an excellent aesthetic eye and great flexibility in getting tasks done. She created gorgeous brochures one day, created an inventive and attractive set of custom icons the next, then designed complete UX specs for a custom application. Every day of work, she has impressed."

Aaron Martin-Colby

Senior Software Engineer and UX Designer, GE Digital

"I’ve worked closely with Ophelia on a daily basis over the past year at Advoqt, and have found her to be a strong team player who is approachable, responsible and extremely conscious of meeting every deadline. Her attitude is a blessing to work with and is sometimes almost too humble about her skills. She brought an inspiring, entrepreneurial attitude to the various roles that we asked her to fill. With little guidance, she was able to complete her tasks at a high level which was a direct reflection of her intelligence and relentless work ethic. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a competent, hard working, and loyal employee.

She is also a quick learner who can take your print or digital project from start to finish, handling the entire creative process with accuracy and efficiency. Give her the opportunity and she will dazzle you with her unique personality, her true passion for design and her ability to conceive and execute top-notch sketches, drawings and full-on illustrations with amazing talent and impressive speed."

Dmitri Artamonov

Contributing CTO on Artificial Intelligence, Forbes Technology Council






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I’m seeking for positions in UI/UX Design, Web Design & Development and Graphic Design, where I can continuously apply and develop my art and computer skills for the mutual success of the company and me.

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